BlueStacks: the best way to use Android apps on your PC

In 2011, the first public beta of BlueStacks was launched, a software capable of running Android applications on Windows and Mac desktop operating systems. It is not a complete emulator, orienting its interface to the execution of mobile apps and usability through non-tactile control systems. After several years of changes and improvements, today we can consider the best way to emulate Android on our PC and have a user experience at the height of the original platform.

Installation and configuration

The installation process does not require any cumbersome configuration process. The main screen of the menu is nothing more than a huge list with some of the supported applications organized by categories. If we want to install one of them, we will simply have to double click on it both from the main menu and from its own search engine. Today, BlueStacks supports more than 400,000 apps, so it will be possible to play without any problems games until now exclusive mobile platforms such as Clash of Clans, the driving saga Asphalt or the virtual pet Pou.

When we try to install one of them, we will recommend associating the program to our real Android account if you have it in order to have access to Google Play and download the app from the official store, which does not mean we can not install any APK file from any other source. What is really interesting is its ease of use, associating the file type to our operating system, either Windows or Mac, so that when you run the file from the file browser, it will automatically install it through BlueStacks.

Touch games with keyboard and mouse

The biggest problem with this type of software is its ability to transfer touch control in devices with different control systems. If there is already a version of Bluestacks for Windows 8 with which to use touch control, the experience with keyboard and mouse is perfectly resolved in many cases, appearing an informative box with the control equivalencies. If for example, we execute Temple Run, the arrows KEYS of the keyboard will correspond with the tactile gestures, and other two keys will do of the turn or ’tilt’ of the apparatus to control the personage.


Going beyond, and not hiding that it is a tool mainly focused on its use with video games, BlueStacks also supports the connection of control gamepads via USB : depending on the application we will simply control a virtual cursor simulating a touch screen and in others it will perform an automatic mapping of the control in the same way as if we connected the control directly to an Android terminal.

Association with our device

If we click on the clock in the lower right and access the settings menu we can configure many parameters of BlueStacks such as language, backup system, activation of geolocation services or the ability to synchronize user accounts to receive notifications of them, and to an E-Mail or a social network in which we are registered.


But the best of all is the ability to communicate our ‘real’ Android device with the program through the official app BlueStacks Cloud Connect , so that we can extract the applications that we have installed in it and transfer them to the desktop tool, being able to synchronize the state of them in the cloud and recover them when we need them.

How to Download & Install Bluestacks

Download Apps and Install on PC using Bluestacks

  1. Make sure that you have a working internet connection.
  2. Now download BlueStacks App Player setup. Windows | Mac OS X
  3. After downloading, run the setup.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to select app store access, installation location and begin the installation.
  5. Now, wait for the installation to finish, once done BlueStacks will begin to download some game data. Wait for a while and let it finish.
  6. BlueStacks’ home screen will launch in a while. The home screen will have an interface full of applications and some buttons at the bottom. The very first row which starts with the “Search” button contains the applications which are pre-installed in BlueStacks. you click the “All Apps” button next to it to check out all available applications.
  7. You will also fine BlueStacks Settings applications which will act as the primary settings application of your virtual Android device. You can use these settings to control your whole BlueStacks e.g. setting up accounts, managing contacts etc. Rest of the rows on BlueStacks’ home screen include the application suggestions.
  8. You can install any application from the main screen, but since we are installing it for the first time, we will setup Google Play Store first.
  9. To setup Google Play Store, click on “All Apps” button in the very first row.
  10. Now click on BlueStacks Settings.
  11. Now in BlueStacks Settings > Manage Accounts > Google
  12. Following the on-screen instructions proceed. If you have an existing account, click on the existing button. If you don’t have an account yet, set it up as a new account.
  13. Follow on-screen instructions and finish Google Play account setup.
  14. After you’ve successfully setup your Google Play account, Go back to the home screen on BlueStacks and click on any application from suggestions to access Google Play Store.
  15. Now set up and enable Account Sync to open Google Play Store. If you encounter an error while enabling Account Sync, follow the instructions given at the end of this guide to resolve it. As you access the Play Store, you will be able to install your desired apps and games.
  16. Once your desired application is installed, it will appear in “All Apps” tab. You can also install applications from suggestions on the home screen now. You can use your install application using on-screen control instructions.
  17. That’s all.

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