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Eternium Review

Eternium There are games that, as soon as you see them, you know that they are made with care. There are others to whom you can quickly see the duster to the designers and you realize that they are made to take out the rooms. That’s why it’s so cool to come across titles like Eternium, an RPG with an air of classic adventures like Diablo. Tie your boot laces and get ready to chase the evil Radagam in this interplanetary MMORPG. Eternium is a fun and beautiful RPG action game reminiscent of classic games like Diablo and Torchlight. To start, you will have to choose your character. You can choose between man and woman, and also their trade: warrior, sorcerer or bounty hunter, each with their exclusive powers and abilities. And then patience, because the kids of Making Fun, Inc. have thought that you would probably enjoy playing without the need of an Internet connection, so you will have a good time downloading modules and updates. There are two game modes: history and competition, although the latter will not be available until your character reaches level 10. In the story mode you will have to travel the map looking for treasures and enemies, until you defeat the final boss. Once you have massacred the bad cheat on duty, you can jump to the next map, and so on until you complete the planet. There are three planets with a handful of maps each, so that the fun lasts longer. And you can also replay each screen to get more gems, the most important Eternium money. Fight against skeletons, zombies, robots, aliens, demons, dragons and many other creatures within the three worlds or unlimited levels. One thing I like very much about this game is that, as you find pieces of armor, your character is wearing them as best he can, so he changes his outfits. You can also adorn your equipment with the precious stones you find to give it more powers. But the coolest thing of all is that, as you learn spells, you will have to throw them drawing with your finger on the screen. This is not new, as Studio Ghibli did with its Ni no Kuni: The Another World for Nintendo DS, but a touch of tactile freshness is appreciated, although it is not entirely new. Give me a hand Eternium Mage and Minions is quite linear in not having an open world. In each mission we will be released on a map that we can explore thoroughly, but it is limited, so finding the path will not be of great difficulty. So, you will not need to use guides, unless you want to spoil where all the chests and treasures are. But if you still need some help, you can always ask in the official forums, where you can also find some other secret code with gifts for your character …

Eternium Gameplay Images

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How To Play/Download Eternium on PC

Follow the instructions below, it is very easy and takes about 5-10 minutes to complete the game.

  1. Download Bluestacks.
  2. Run and install.
  3. Open the BlueStacks app and set up your Google Play Store with your Gmail.
  4. Sometimes it is necessary to check the phone.
  5. After that, search for ‘Eternium
  6. Click the Install button next to the game icon.
  7. When you’re done, you can find and play the Eternium in the ‘All Apps’ or ‘My Apps’

How To Play/Download Eternium on PC with NOX

  1. Download the Nox App Player.
  2. Run and install.
  3.  Launch the emulator and on its main screen. You will find the in-built Google Play Store.
  4. Open Google Play Store and sign in with your Google account
  5. After that, search for ‘Eternium
  6. Click download and it will be automatically downloaded and installed in your Nox.
  7. Or if you have the apk file of the game on your PC, you can drag and drop it into Nox and click the file to install it.

NOTE: If you face any problem downloading and configuring Nox no worries!! Just check Nox Installation and Configuration Tutorial and you are all done.

BONUS: Remember to turn root mode on in Nox system settings to enjoy this file-sharing feature between your computer and Nox. Now you can play your favorite Android games and apps on your desktop using mouse, keyboard or touch screen. You can use the CTRL + Mouse scroll short cut to zoom in and out.

More Tips for Eternium on PC

  • If for some reason Bluestacks does not work for you, you can try any other emulator from the list of the Best Android emulators for PC.
  • Sometimes, when you play Eternium, bluestacks ask what you have to pay, but you can download some applications. Whenever prompted, select ‘Install apps’ and continue to use them for free.
  • You can set your keys in bluestacks. You can assign a specific key to a specific location. And there are options to tilt, sweep, hit, move up / down / right / left … etc.

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NOTE: If you face any problem downloading and configuring Bluestack or Nox no worries!! Just check
Bluestack Installation and Configuration TutorialNox Installation and Configuration Tutorial and Gameloop Installation and Configuration Tutorial  which will step by step guide you to install Bluestack, Nox and Gameloop .

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