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Fortnite After the worldwide success of the Battle Royale game genre thanks to PLAYERUNtd´S BATTLEGROUNDS, other games have known how to take advantage of the moment and follow in its wake. One of the most famous is the free game from the EPIC Games Fortnite studio, especially thanks to its version for PS4, which is already at the top of all download tops.

Fortnite is a game that does not make the slightest effort to hide all its similarities with PUBG. The argument and objective of each game is exactly the same: 100 players come from the air to the same stage with a single objective, find the weapons and defenses necessary to plan a good strategy and become the last survivor of the game. Exactly, it is the same concept and the same rules of the game. Fortnite Features

This Battle Royale game has the following features and options with which the player can have fun for hours in short games lasting between 20 and 40 minutes: Four different hero classes: soldier, builder, ninja and globetrotter. Each class of hero has special abilities and characteristics. Different weapons classified by colors according to their rarity and their power level. The game includes ranged weapons like shotguns, assault rifles or pistols, and melee weapons like knives, spears, or scythes. The player must search for materials to make structures, weapons and objects of all kinds: wood, metal, coal, ribbon, resin, glass … Search for treasures to find weapons and materials, investigate each corner of the sets, plan a good strategy and place traps to surprise and eliminate all possible opponents. Weapon system in Fortnite

Unlike PUBG, the Battle Royale has its own system to classify the power of weapons. Depending on its color, the player will be able to know how rare the weapon he has found is. The rarest weapons are usually more powerful, although in reality the color only indicates the difficulty in finding them: the power level will be indicated by the number marked next to the beam that each weapon shows. Next, we indicate the classification of weapons by color according to their rarity: Common: Gray. Uncommon: Green. Rare: Blue. Epics: Purple. Legendary: Orange. Mythical: Golden. What’s New in the Latest Version The heavy assault rifle is back. Lower cost of materials for upgrading weapons in upgrade machines. Added to the battle lab the mecha pistol, the shock grenade and the impulse grenade.

Fortnite Gameplay Images

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