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Highway Riders Review

Highway Riders There are many motorcycle games. But mogollón, eh? If the most realistic ones go, Highway Riders can be a very good option. Realists saving the distances, of course, in any motorcycle club will assure you and reassure you that there is no experience similar to riding a real motorcycle. But if you want to avoid years of learning and possible fines, you can always use your Android device to simulate a spectacular motorcycle race in the rain. Experience the thrill of driving different bikes at full speed on the most challenging racetracks. Both the graphics and the environment and the sound of the engines are quite realistic. The controls are very simple, you hardly have the buttons to accelerate, change direction and camera selection; You can choose different angles of vision, depending on your way of competing and the experience you seek. As you play and win races you will get money that you can use to improve your motorcycle, customize it or buy a motorcycle that would make the girl who was looking for Jacq’s drool. Although if you want the most chachis you’ll have to leave some real eurillos, how could it be otherwise. Levels and career modes You can play in normal, semi-pro and professional modes. The different game modes are divided into four: Race. Single event Racetrack. Multiplayer (in beta mode). The races are divided by stations, and in each station there are ten different circuits that you will unlock as you go up in level and in which you will have to run avoiding traffic and other obstacles. In single events you can compete against another player or against yourself and time, selecting the number of laps and the type of traffic that circulates on the road (and even in what direction). On the tracks you can run with another player, alone or against cars. Did he convince you? You can download and install the APK file. Ojocuidao, because they are a bit tired with notices and notifications. Different types of circuits: at night, with rain and snow, realistic with traffic in motion, in cities, county roads and the desert. Tricks The best advice I can give you is to avoid going out of the path traced by the road and, for what you want, do not collide with other cars while you run. Although with these “tricks” I am not so clear if we continue talking about the game or real life. In the game they will penalize you with time, but in real life the matter is more serious (and more expensive).

Highway Riders Gameplay Images

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How To Play/Download Highway Riders on PC

Follow the instructions below, it is very easy and takes about 5-10 minutes to complete the game.

  1. Download Bluestacks.
  2. Run and install.
  3. Open the BlueStacks app and set up your Google Play Store with your Gmail.
  4. Sometimes it is necessary to check the phone.
  5. After that, search for ‘Highway Riders
  6. Click the Install button next to the game icon.
  7. When you’re done, you can find and play the Highway Riders in the ‘All Apps’ or ‘My Apps’

More Tips for Highway Riders on PC

  • If for some reason Bluestacks does not work for you, you can try any other emulator from the list of the Best Android emulators for PC.
  • Sometimes, when you play Highway Riders, bluestacks ask what you have to pay, but you can download some applications. Whenever prompted, select ‘Install apps’ and continue to use them for free.
  • You can set your keys in bluestacks. You can assign a specific key to a specific location. And there are options to tilt, sweep, hit, move up / down / right / left … etc.

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